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How to Cook Frozen Prawns

If you’re a fan of prawns but don’t want to waste money on fresh ones, you can still enjoy them in your meals if you know how to cook frozen ones. So read on to learn the tricks of the trade, and prepare your dinner with confidence.

Fresh vs frozen prawns

Article 8 300x203 - How to Cook Frozen PrawnsIf you are a foodie and love seafood, you may wonder about the difference between fresh and frozen prawns. Of course, they are both great to eat. But you need to know the differences before you buy.

MarkwellFoods frozen prawns are available from the market and at seafood counters in supermarkets. These can be bought raw or cooked. If you prefer to cook your own, it is recommended that you devein the prawns before cooking. To do so, use a sharp knife and remove the veins.

A fresh prawn will have a bright, shiny shell. If the shell is black or brown, it is not new. You can also check the prawns for a fishy smell. Foul-smelling prawns indicate that the protein in the broken cell is rotting.

If you use fresh prawns, you can thaw them for about 30 minutes at room temperature. However, do not thaw them in hot water. If you do, you will risk bacteria growth.

Fresh prawns can be thawed quickly in a microwave, but this is not advisable. Instead, a quick thawing in cold water is recommended.

For MarkwellFoods frozen prawns, you should always look for Individually Quick Frozen (IQF). It means the prawns are individually frozen, preventing clumping and decay during thawing.

Prawns are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are low-fat and healthy ingredients to use in recipes. They are also versatile and can be used in many dishes. For example, they can be served in a prawn and pork rib noodle soup or a prawn curry with plain parathas. You can even make a delicious terrine with prawns.

Prawns are an easy way to spice up a summer meal. They are a delicious and healthy seafood option that is perfect for various dishes.

Keeping prawns frozen for three months

Keeping prawns frozen for three months can be a great way to prolong the life of these tasty little crustaceans. But there are a few things to know before getting started.

The best way to freeze prawns is to store them in an airtight container, like a freezer-safe Ziploc bag. It will help protect the shells from getting damaged and will also help retain their moisture. If you are not planning to cook the prawns right away, you can choose to thaw them in cold water.

Besides storing prawns in an airtight container, you should keep the lid on. It will keep the prawns safe from air and moisture and prevent mould or bacteria from growing on the shells.

For the best results, you should never thaw prawns at room temperature. If you do, you can expect the prawns to deteriorate in quality. It is a critical consideration when preparing a dish to serve for a party. The prawns may also be contaminated with bacteria, which can cause food poisoning.

For the best results, you should choose a freezer-safe container, such as a flat, sturdy Ziploc bag. Then, you can use the bag as a whole or separate the layers with greaseproof paper.

You can also freeze cooked prawns for a few months. But be sure to refrigerate the leftovers as soon as possible. It will ensure they don’t deteriorate in taste. Cooked prawns will last about two to three days when stored in a refrigerator. If you are going to freeze them for more than that, you should seal the container in a freezer-safe freezer box or put the prawns in an ice pack.

Prawns are a healthy snack and can be an excellent choice for dinner on a budget. The most important thing to remember when freezing prawns are to be careful, especially with seafood. It is because bacteria and funky smells can make prawns unsafe to eat.

Preparing prawns for cooking

Preparing frozen prawns for cooking is a quick, easy, and safe way to enjoy seafood. When you’re a busy mom or a busy student, you can keep your meal fresh and delicious with the help of a freezer. You can prepare a batch of prawns in just a few minutes.

You’ll need to follow a few steps to ensure you get the best results. First, you’ll want to make sure the prawns are completely thawed. If you do, they will cook evenly. But, unfortunately, it will also leave the interior raw.

The most common method is to put them in a container and cover them with water. You can also thaw the prawns by running them under cold water. It works best for prawns that can be cooked after some time. If you’re preparing prawns for a recipe that involves marinating, thawing them beforehand will save you a lot of time.

If you’re not a microwave fan, try putting the prawns in a bowl. After a few minutes, they should be thoroughly defrosted. If you have more time, let the prawns cook in a pan. You can also boil them. It’s best to cook them in small batches, so they don’t overcook.

Cooking prawns from frozen

If you want to make a healthy dish, stir-frying frozen prawns is a great option. It is fast and easy to prepare, and the prawns will be cooked through, adding a healthy boost of vitamins and nutrients to the meal.

You can also use a brine solution, but you will need to adjust the salt in the dish. It helps draw out any moisture, which makes the meat more flavorful. You can also cook prawns in broth or water.

You can use a microwave to reheat your leftovers. But, the microwave can heat the fish’s interior, which is dangerous. It is why removing the fish from the freezer is a good idea and allowing it to defrost for 15-30 minutes. It will provide even heat distribution, which is needed for a well-cooked meal.

It is best to cook from frozen, but you can also cook the prawns when they are fresh. However, it would help if you remembered that they would not be as juicy and delicious as they were when they were new.

What You Should Know About Adelaide SEO

Whether you’re new to Adelaide SEO or looking to grow your company, there are some things you should know. First, it is important to find an SEO company that is adaptable to change. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by all the changes over time.

Article 155 300x204 - What You Should Know About Adelaide SEOThere are also SEO services available that specialise in the more technical aspects of the business. For example, an Adelaide SEO company can help you get to page one of Google and drive traffic to your local business.

SEO is more than keyword-stuffing content

Getting your Adelaide website to rank highly in the search engines is not just about the right keywords but also about optimising your website to provide the best possible user experience. The more user-friendly your website is, the more likely your visitors will stay on your site and convert into customers. A high bounce rate signals to the search engines that your page isn’t providing what your visitors are looking for.

Keyword stuffing is a form of search engine optimisation that many consider a black hat technique. The practice involves cramming a webpage with keywords so that it appears at the top of search results. While this may help your ranking, it could also cost you a bunch of traffic and valuable search results.

SEO is a long-term strategy

A long-term strategy is a good way to ensure your SEO work is effective for years. The SEO landscape is always changing, and SEO services must be regularly updated.

It’s important to focus on both traffic and leads when developing your SEO strategy. Choosing a metric is an important first step. Focusing on traffic is a good metric for short-term results while focusing on leads is a better metric for long-term results.

If you want to improve your website’s rankings, the best way to start is by building a solid SEO foundation. It includes on-page optimisations such as creating relevant content, internal linking, and site architecture. You can also use PPC campaigns to speed up the process.

SEO isn’t to overwhelm you

Tidily, it isn’t a one-person show. If you are a small business owner looking to expand your online presence, there are more than a few things you should consider before you put your money where your mouth is. To get your business on the fast track to success, you must find the right Adelaide SEO company. It entails finding the right SEO firm with the right mix of skills and expertise to get you on the first page of Google. It is the best way to get your business on the fast track to success. In addition, there are other facets, such as customer service and customer retention, that you should not neglect.

SEO has evolved with search engines

During the early days of the internet, SEO was only a tool for acquiring links. As search engines evolved, so did SEO. Now it includes content quality, user intent and context. These are just a few aspects that affect your website’s ranking.

SEO is a powerful tool for connecting knowledge-hungry users with relevant and engaging information. In addition, SEO allows marketers to leverage user data to generate engagement.

Major search engines like Google personalise their search results based on location, device, history and user intent. These changes have made searches more convenient and topical. However, as SEO evolves, marketers must adapt their content to meet the changing trends.

Google’s major algorithm updates changed the way the search engine indexed results. These updates imposed stricter regulations on content quality. In addition, they also penalised poor linking practices, keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO techniques.

It would be best if you had an SEO agency that adapts to the changes.

Whether you’re a local Adelaide business or a global brand, you need an Adelaide SEO agency that can deliver. SEO is one of the most important aspects of a business’s online presence. But, despite being the most important, it’s also one of the most unpredictable.

A good SEO strategy is the first step to building a sustainable online presence. A good Adelaide SEO agency will help you get there and provide the tools and resources you need to succeed.

SEO is not always the easiest thing to do. However, certain techniques can make the task a little easier. These include technical optimisation and back-end optimisation. Of course, you’ll also want to ensure your content is well-formatted and Google-friendly.

There are also SEO services available that specialise in the more technical aspects of the business. For example, an Adelaide SEO company can help you get to page one of Google and drive traffic to your local business.

Reasons to Get a Switchboard Upgrade

Getting a switchboard upgrade can be a great way to improve your home’s safety and save money in the long run. A damaged switchboard can also cause electrical fires and electrocution. If yours is overloaded, it’s time to upgrade.

Faulty circuit breakers

Getting a switchboard upgrade is important for several reasons. One of the biggest is to protect your home from electrical hazards and fires. It would be best to have a licensed electrician look at faulty circuit breakers to ensure safety.

79 min 225x300 - Reasons to Get a Switchboard UpgradeIn Australia, many changes have been made to the overall electrical safety requirements. Some of these changes include modern equipment and new work practices. But homes still have a lot of old, outdated wiring.

The most important part of your electrical system is the switchboard. It is where electricity is relayed from the main power supply to various outlets. If there is a problem with your switchboard, it can be disastrous.

Modern switchboards contain a multitude of safety switches, which protect your home from fires and electrocution. These switches also monitor the current flowing in the live and neutral wires.

If the switch on your circuit breaker is stuck in the “on” position, it signifies a more serious problem. It can be caused by exposed or loose wiring, unregulated voltage, or a faulty switch.

Another sign of a faulty circuit breaker is a burning smell. If you cannot locate the source of the smell, you should turn off your breaker and call the fire department. If there is a fire, you’ll want to evacuate your home.

Another sign of a faulty switchboard is a flickering light. It may be caused by a burned fixture, loose circuit connections, or a failing circuit breaker switch. It is also a good idea to check your fuse wire to ensure you have the right one.

The old-fashioned ceramic rewireable fuses found in many old switchboards are no longer designed to handle the increased usage of electrical appliances in modern homes. It would be best if you replaced them with modern fuses designed to meet today’s safety standards.

Faulty fuses

Having faulty fuses is a reason for a MastinElectrical switchboard upgrade. It can help protect your family from potential fires and electrocution. It can also help save money.

Electrical switchboards are the heart of your home’s electrical system. They relay electricity to various circuits around your home and are built with hundreds of wires. Each breaker in your switchboard is responsible for a certain part of your electrical network. It’s important to understand how your switchboard works so you can upgrade your switchboard if necessary.

The purpose of a fuse is to prevent the wires from heating. If a circuit gets overloaded, the fuse will blow, breaking the circuit. It can be caused by many things, such as faulty appliances, loose connections, or overcrowded connections.

Faulty wiring is a major cause of power faults. It can cause your switchboard to have a warm switch cover or a burning smell. If you’re not sure what caused this problem, contact your electrician.

A short circuit is another cause of a blown a fuse. A short circuit is a situation where two wires or components carrying electrical current touch each other. It creates a path of less resistance, which can divert current. The resulting overheated wires can damage the protective insulation.

Another reason to upgrade your switchboard is that it may have overloaded fuses. Overloaded circuits are more common during the winter and summer months. They can also lead to elements catching fire and melting.

If you think your fuse is faulty, call an electrician to fix it. Then move your appliances to a different circuit. Changing your fuse isn’t difficult and can help prevent a house fire.

An EICR inspection can also detect electrical problems. A test can detect if your switchboard has faulty wiring, broken or exposed wires, or if you have frequent tripping out of your electrics.

Damaged wiring

A working switchboard protects your family and your property from electrical hazards. Switchboards are the main control centre for your home’s electricity and can be cluttered with hundreds of wires. A cluttered switchboard can cause many problems, including short circuits, overheating and even fires. A working switchboard will ensure your family’s safety and protect your property from electrical fires and electrocution.

The safety of your home is your top priority. It means you should be alert for warning signs that your wiring is damaged. When you suspect your wiring is faulty, contact a licensed electrician to inspect your home. The electrician will fully check your home’s wiring and determine whether it needs a switchboard upgrade.

When the switchboard works, it will relay electricity to different circuits in your home. A faulty switchboard can cause electrical shorts and frequent short circuits. An overload can also cause the switchboard elements to melt, creating excess heat. A switchboard with safety switches will cut off the power supply when a fault is detected.

If your switchboard is older, you may be at risk of electrical fires. Older electrical switchboards are not designed to handle the increased electrical load of modern homes. They may also have loose wires and old insulation.

Older style panels also increase the risk of arcing electricity. If you notice scorch marks or discolouration on your outlets, this could be an indication that your wiring is corroded. If the wire insulation is charred, it should be replaced.

If you suspect that your switchboard is faulty, contact a licensed electrician. Licensed electricians will perform a full safety check of your home’s wiring and ensure that it meets Australian electrical standards.

Using CRM Consultancy to Get the Most Out of Your CRM System

Whether you are a business owner looking to set up a new CRM or an existing user looking to expand your CRM with new features and functionality, CRM consultancy is a great way to get the most out of your system. Having a CRM specialist look over your current system and make recommendations can save you time and money.


Choosing the right OptimateMe CRM consultancy can give a business an edge in the market. CRM consultancy services help businesses improve customer relations and capture high-quality sales data.

CRM consultants have a deep knowledge of CRM systems and how they can be used to optimise customer service. They can also help companies determine whether a CRM project is right for them.

Article 15 300x193 - Using CRM Consultancy to Get the Most Out of Your CRM SystemCRM consultants help companies define their business goals and create systems to help them achieve them. They also provide support and advice on campaigns and conversions.

CRM consulting companies can help organisations improve their productivity and reduce costs. They can also help business owners strategise and eliminate gaps in their operations. They can even help companies implement best practices for customer service.

An independent consulting firm or a vendor can provide CRM consultancy services. An independent firm can also help companies select the right CRM system, train employees, and provide a full range of services.

Choosing the right consultant is a business owner’s most important decision. An expert can help them avoid common pitfalls. They can also advise on utilising CRM best to maximise sales and customer service.

A good CRM consultant can help companies avoid over-customisation and unnecessary costs. They can also review implementation estimates for areas of excess fat. Often, organisations need guidance on the salvagability of existing systems.


Getting the most out of your CRM system requires OptimateMe CRM consultancy company that can help you define your business goals, build a strategy to reach them and implement it. The consultants can also help you design the system and choose the right methods for data capture. They can help you build effective dashboards that allow you to monitor your sales pipeline and campaign effectiveness.

Moreover, they can help you build a strategy that puts your customers at the forefront of your business processes. They can also help you build customer profiles and engage your end users. Finally, they can help you implement better sales and customer service strategies.

Getting the most out of your CRM system also requires making the data accessible. The data you gather should be accessible to all your employees so they can use it for the best possible results. It will help you make better business decisions. It will also help you maintain transparency at all times.

Data-driven companies are more efficient. They have a clearer view of their customers and can make better business decisions. They are also able to increase productivity. However, it takes investment in technology and qualified staff to implement a data-driven marketing strategy.

A complete CRM solution will give you a complete picture of your customers. It will also allow you to optimise your campaigns and leadership journeys. It will also integrate all of your departments. It will enable you to improve customer service and your relationships with suppliers and distributors.


The technology for the CRM consultancy process should be based on your organisation’s specific needs. Your business has unique processes and requirements, so your consultant should know how they can best be implemented. Your CRM consultant should have a broad range of skills. A consultant with expertise in business processes, technology, and industry-specific knowledge is a good choice.

The type of contract your CRM consultant enters can impact their ability to deliver value. Therefore, consulting firms should treat their clients as a priority. They should also ensure they know the technology your company needs.

Your CRM consultant’s prior experience working with other companies can help them do a better job with your firm’s technological implementation. Their prior relationships can also help them gain better organisational implementation.


They will design a scalable system to meet your business needs. They will also help you prioritise your needs and train your staff to get the most out of your CRM system.

A consultant will be able to recommend the best way to capture data, as well as the best technical platform for your business. They will also recommend the best security measures and applications. It would help if you also asked for references from previous clients and their experiences with the consulting firm.

CRM can help streamline your sales process. It will also ensure that your customers are always at the centre of your business processes. Your customers need to be able to engage with your business to have a positive customer experience. With proper communication, your customers will become satisfied, and your quality of consumer service will be protected.


Having a CRM system can help your company transform your customer interactions. It includes ensuring that prospects receive communication and that your employees get the training they need to make them successful. The CRM system is also a useful tool for tracking your business communications.

CRM consultants are experts in their field. They can help you choose the right CRM system for your business, and they know how to integrate it into your current systems. They can also advise your marketing department on conversions and help you find out how to retain your customers. Finally, they can help you navigate the pitfalls of CRM implementation and make sure you make all the right decisions.

CRM consultancy services can also help you with employee onboarding and helping your employees get the training they need. CRM consultants are a big part of any company’s success, and you should be bold in enlisting their help. They can save your company a lot of headaches and give you a competitive edge.

CRM consultancy services are also a great way to show your customers that you care. They can help you design customer-centric campaigns and advise your employees on employee training.

Insightly CRM

Insightly offers a free 14-day trial to get you started. You can also schedule a free needs assessment with a CRM consultant. Insightly has various pricing plans, with the basic plan for $49 per user per month.

If you’re looking for a CRM that’s easy to use and offers powerful tools for lead management, Insightly is an excellent choice. This cloud-based system has built-in security, governance, and a robust set of permissions. You can set up lists, build custom apps, and connect data points to build a clear picture of your organisation. You can also send emails, set visibility, and track post-sale activity.

Insightly also features a sales acceleration feature, which uses automated lead capture and routing. It means you can close more deals in less time.