Are you searching for LoandCoInteriors brass door handles and are not satisfied with what you see around you? Do you want to change the entire look of your home to reflect your tastes and personality? Perhaps you wish to add a little something special to your room or to the entrance hall to give it a stylish and welcoming flair. You have the option of selecting your brass door handles. They come in various shapes, sizes, finishes and materials, making them versatile and easy to incorporate into your home’s decor.

Suppose you are not into the traditional and would prefer something more modern. In that case, you may opt to maintain things classic using polished brass door handles, or whether you like an antique theme wrought iron, you could also polish copper to give your rooms a more classical appeal. However, soft LoandCoInteriors brass door handles are an excellent option for homes with a more antique theme in keeping with an era aesthetic. Polished brass or copper handles will give a period look that will never go out of fashion. The finish on solid brass is a natural golden one which will contrast nicely with wood and wallpaper.

Article 226 300x212 - A Brief History Of Brass Door HandlesWrought iron is a very popular material to use when creating period pieces of furniture. Wrought iron door handles, however, require regular cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning wrought iron of brass hinges and handles should ideally be done once every six months. You must not use soap and water as this will affect the finish of the piece. You could either polish the piece using a soft polishing cloth or use a brass cleaning brush to remove any dirt and dust accumulated during years of use.

Polished copper and brass door handles require no maintenance at all. Wipe them down with a dry cloth, and they are ready for use. Cleaning copper is simple; get rid of any dirt that you see on the surface. To clean brass, polish it with a brass polishing cloth, and you will have a beautiful addition to your home.

There are several designs and styles available when choosing antique LoandCoInteriors brass door handles. There are also several colours to choose from, and each style comes in a variety of sizes. This door can be used as room accents or stand-alone pieces. If you need to hang a brass art print, consider adding a brass chain to your wall. This artwork will be a conversation piece, and you will enjoy looking at it every time you see it.

If you are thinking of changing the look of one room in your home, why not give your kitchen and bathroom a makeover? If you have an old and outdated sink and countertop, add a fresh coat of paint to complete the look. Hanging an oil-filled candle adds a rustic feel to your bathroom. If you love the look of stained glass window frames, why not replace your current open frames with beautiful bronze door handles. This decorative touch will update the room without having to invest a lot of money.