Get certified as a specialist trainer with the internationally recognised Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, putting your industry experience to work for you and your employers. Gain the flair for engagement with delivery, learn the skills of creating syllabus structure and develop the knack for developing the skills needed to deliver training to your workforce of tomorrow effectively. Get certified as an expert trainer and gain the right knowledge to give the best possible training for your employees.

14 200x300 - How Do You Proceed to Obtain Certificate IV Training and Assessment?Certificate IV through TAE40116 by Auctus is the most recent nationally accepted qualification in training and assessment and sets the benchmark for instruction and assessment. It enables you to give the best possible training and assessment to your employees. Your staff will have a real sense of confidence that they are getting the best possible training and assessment cost-effectively. Your team will be able to use the certificate to demonstrate their achievements in a written report that they can take to other employers to demonstrate their commitment and skills to the company.

Certification IV also enables your staff to gain valuable skills and knowledge on what is involved with training and assessment. It includes training and assessment procedures, the importance of providing useful assessment tools, how to conduct evaluations, developing a syllabus and the benefits of delivering your training and assessment within the shortest time possible.

Training and assessment can be a complicated and daunting task. If you have been trained correctly and delivered your practice effectively, then you have achieved a well trained and highly competent staff that is ready to serve the company for years to come. A proper training and assessment process to provide a clear understanding of what it takes to achieve success, and this is crucial for all organisations.

By training and assessing your staff, you not only assure that your employees are prepared to carry out the job, but they also become confident in their ability to deliver your training and assessment successfully. The best staff are the ones who know how to prepare and provide their training. The employees are the most crucial part of your business and by ensuring that they have a well-structured program to ensure that all aspects of training and assessment are covered you give yourself the best chance of successful training and assessment.

TAE40116 by Auctus give you many practical skills and experiences that you can use to develop and hone your career as an experienced and competent trainer. The certificate will enable you to deliver your training and assess your staff in a way that will help you develop into an expert in your chosen field.

The certificate IV course will provide a practical and hands-on experience of how to design an effective training and assessment program, the most popular courses include Certificate II and Certificate me which are designed specifically for trainers and assessment professionals. You will also receive the training to become a trainer or assessor in the areas of development of skills in the delivery of training and assessment.