Your home may appear a little bare when it has no awnings. Adding it to your home gives you access to numerous benefits from aesthetics to practicality. Here are some captivating reasons why you should add an awning if you are finally considering to perform home upgrades.


  1. Promoting Energy Efficiency


If your utility bills are already high and some of your home’s rooms are becoming warm at late afternoons, it is right for you to invest in an awning. These problems are solved easily with the addition of awnings & blinds Adelaide. Less heat is transferred into your home as awnings can shade your windows from direct sunlight. On west-facing windows, you can reduce heat gain for up to 70% and 60% on south-facing ones.


You surely want to let some of that sun back in during the winter months and limiting direct sunlight in summer. If this is your case, you must choose a retractable option that you can adjust for the season. You may also consider an awning that shades your outdoor air conditioning unit as well as your windows if you want additional energy efficiency. Your AC will inevitably run much easier with an awning that will keep it much cooler on hot sunny days.


  1. Minimise the Effect and Damage from UV Rays


13 - Why Adding an Awning at Home Benefits YouUV damage is so fine that you can’t even notice. You will only see it once you compare an item exposed to the sun with a similar piece that was not. Over time, your home’s flooring, wallpaper and fabrics that get regular exposure to the sun’s rays will begin to fade.


It is why you tend to notice a dramatic difference between exposed wallpaper and the protected square behind a wall hanging. By installing awnings over your windows, you are extending the life of your drapes, upholstery and flooring as well. It effectively filters some of those UV rays that threaten the life of your furniture.


  1. Expanding your Outdoor Living Space


Your porch or patio can serve as an extension of your living space in warm weather months. With its presence, you can gather your family and friends or let your children play in the fresh air instead of the congested house. An awning can offer a great solution if the dangers of extended sun exposure are keeping you indoors. You will surely feel that your home has gained another room by installing this covering over your porch or patio.


  1. Improve the Property’s Curb Appeal


The architectural design of your home will significantly improve with the presence of awnings & blinds Adelaide as it adds curb appeal. It will dramatically add a touch of charm to the neighbourhood, making your home look much more inviting.