Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between drain cleaning and drain maintenance. I’m not about to teach you the difference in a minute or so. It’s okay if you, like most people, have no idea! But, after reading this article, hopefully you’ll understand how drain cleaning differs from drain maintenance, and why certain service is better for your house or business than others. Various factors cause clogs on the sewer line. The most common cause is tree roots, backed up with organic matter, and backed up further by tree roots, dirt, grime, tree sap, etc. Sometimes, clogs can be prevented by carefully following simple drain cleaning rules. However, in some cases, a simple home needs drain cleaning by a licensed plumber in Basic Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Adelaide.

298 300x238 - The Importance of Using A Drain Cleaner in Your HomeAside from the disadvantages of having your pipes manually cleaned, there are two major disadvantages associated with this process: cost and time. Both of these disadvantages are more common with unlicensed professionals than professional plumbing or drain cleaning service providers. Licensed plumbers and sewer cleaners use special equipment to remove clogs. Also, drain cleaning usually involves the use of chemicals.

So, what do unlicensed plumbers and “boiler room” drain cleaners include? These companies typically have access to more expensive and advanced equipment. Unlicensed and unprofessional plumbers do not have access to equipment that removing tree roots and clogs with enzymes. They may be able to remove surface water, but that’s about it. On the other hand, professional plumbing fixtures do include enzymes for more thorough cleaning.

There are two main types of drain cleaners in Basic Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Adelaide available today. One type is alkaline drain cleaners, including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a combination of natural and synthetic chemicals. The other is a strong alkaline cleaner, typically containing either sulfuric acid (caustic soda) or urea acid (urea). Drain cleaners work by creating an alkalizing solution, which dissolves grease and grime in sewer lines, preventing the pipes from producing even more lye.

Some people believe that their homes contain only water, while others believe everything from food to grease to toothpaste can become a potential problem in your plumbing system. Alkaline drain cleaner solutions neutralize excess acid in the pipes, preventing bacteria from sticking to them. When applied to drains, it reacts with the hydrogen contained in bodily fluids, breaking apart the stuck particles. Sulfur-based drain cleaners work by creating a chemical reaction with the sulfide found in hardwood, brick, ceramic, and metal drains. This reaction breaks down the substances so they can safely be flushed away.