If you’re looking for an efficient air conditioning unit, the Kelvinator brand might be worth checking out. Considered one of the best conditioning units available, it has been around since the 1960s. It’s also well suited to homes in hot, dry climates where other air conditioning units may have failed. But despite its age, the Kelvinator brand performs well on many consumer satisfaction surveys, so the brand is undoubtedly doing something right by its high standards.

111 300x188 - How A Kelvinator Air Conditioner WorksThe basic design of the newer models of Kelvinator air conditioning units is much like their older predecessors. They still use a ductless design for their cooling process, and they still use a single thermostat control for cooling and heating purposes. However, the newer models also have what’s called a split system. A separate duct is installed in two different rooms in the house. These ducts are placed in the centre of the house near the two primary heat sources so that the air conditioners don’t need to compete for space.

A Kelvinator air conditioner requires little maintenance, doesn’t require much electricity and is highly economical. Older models of the split system may not have been made with the newest technology, but more recent generations have the technology and the newer window-wall air conditioners. The two most common technologies are referred to as the window-wall cooler and the evaporator cooler.

The window-wall air conditioners use a variable speed fan located inside the house. This technology offers very good cooling, and the noise level is extremely low. Unlike the older air conditioners, these units don’t need a human sensor to cool the house. However, the human sensor was designed to prevent the unit from running unnecessarily and cut down on overheating.

The newer split-system air conditioners use the two ducts to help regulate the temperature. Older models utilise a cooling fan at the unit’s base, while the Kelvinator air conditioner operates the two vents located on each side of the house. These vents allow the cooling air from the fan to enter the house and circulate through the ducts. When this air is cooled, it then enters the room where the temperature needs to be cooled. In addition, because the fan uses a lower setting when the room is warmer than when it is cold, the system helps to cool the home evenly.

The Kelvinator air conditioner can be used for window-wall air conditioning as well. Although the fan and ducts still need to be connected to an appropriate duct system, the installation process is considerably more straightforward. In addition, these units are available in various price ranges and are extremely energy efficient. This makes them the perfect cooling solution for any business or residence.