You benefit from the purchase and installation of a split system air conditioning in many ways that you probably don’t even know. For many residences in Australia, handling the scorching summer heat is quite a challenge, which is why it makes perfect sense for a homeowner like you to invest in a cooling system that addresses your needs.

The split system air conditioner is a modern cooling unit that incorporates an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser. There also is an indoor unit that contains an air handler. In most scenarios, there exists a line set between these two units which house the copper refrigerant tubing, as well as the power cable. There’s a drain for condensation, too.

Split systems are the opposite of packaged units, which house all components in one single cabinet. The Kelvinator split system Adelaide is also different from a window type because the former does not have a compressor, coil, and fan that are inside a wall-mounted box.

The benefits of a split system AC include:

1 – Quick Installation

109 300x162 - Undeniable Advantages of Installing a Split System ACThe split system AC requires a lot less work to install compared to traditional air conditioning units. There is no need for ductwork. Likewise, the connector between your indoor and outdoor units merely requires a three-inch opening. After securing that hole in the wall, you only need to create access to electricity and a location to mount the units. Manufacturers offer different lengths for refrigerant tubes, but the truth is that you can have your indoor and outdoor unit about a hundred feet apart.

2 – Energy Efficient

The most critical issue with a central AC system is that it loses a lot of energy through ductwork, and leaky ducts can see a loss of about 30%. The presence of uninsulated ductwork or ductwork that’s been installed in unconditioned spaces will result in energy efficiency problems. Because split systems offer a ductless design, it will lead to significant energy savings, which means it effectively reduces money spent on utility bills.

3 – Complements Your Living Space

Installation is highly flexible in a Kelvinator split system Adelaide. You can suspend the indoor components from your ceiling, or you may even hang them on walls.

Moreover, many offer elegant and sophisticated jackets that are aesthetically appealing. You should know that the split system is less obtrusive in comparison to window units that need you to either cut a hole in a wall or spare a window to your unit.

4 – Quiet Operation

Lastly, a ductless split system unit does not create an awful or annoying sound when it’s running. Its ductless condenser has a slim profile, which makes it easy for you to position it in various locations where noise could be a factor that affects comfort.