Before beginning your hydrologic assessment, you should take the time to learn how to use an InstrumentChoice moisture meter. A moisture meter is an essential tool for any hydrologist to have to accurately gauge the amount of moisture in the soil and groundwater around a home or building.


In many cases, we see homes that have been flooded and then later determined to have been subject to water damage because the homeowner could not properly measure the amount of moisture in the soil. A moisture meter can be used to quickly assess the condition of the soil surrounding a home.


You can use your meter to measure the water level in your pool or the amount of moisture in the ground near your house. Another useful feature is that a moisture meter can also determine the humidity of the air. Although many other instruments may be able to do this as well, a moisture meter will more accurately measure the amount of moisture in the air, which can affect the health of those who live in the area.


An InstrumentChoice moisture meter can be used to provide quick information about moisture in a dry area such as a basement or crawl space. If you wish to check the air quality in your home, you can purchase a portable model that attaches to your window. The simple device will read the humidity in the air for you and provide an estimate of the moisture content of the air.


Moisture can be affected by various factors. Rainfall, evaporation and snowmelt all change the amount of moisture in the air. In dry climates, where precipitation is more common, a moisture meter is often the only piece of equipment you need to determine the state of the soil and groundwater accurately.


As we’ve learned from the recent hurricanes, when rainfall occurs in a region, it often carries moisture with it. When this moisture evaporates into the atmosphere, it changes the quality of the air. Many times, the resulting moisture is found in the air around your home.


When you have a high number of trees in the vicinity, they will usually add to the amount of moisture in the air, which will also increase humidity. However, there are other factors which can affect the amount of moisture in the air, such as the temperature and the amount of sunshine. A moisture meter is a great way to determine the amount of moisture in the air and will help you assess the condition of the soil, water table and foundation.

131 - Learn How to Use an InstrumentChoice Moisture Meter

Moisture meters will be an invaluable tool for those who manage or live in a region that experiences heavy precipitation. Using an InstrumentChoice moisture meter can help ensure that you do not suffer any unnecessary damage to your home from a lack of timely maintenance.