106 300x200 - Learn How an AirwareSales Split System Air Conditioner WorksWe’re living in a time where air conditioners are now a much-needed commodity in a world where the raging summer sun can cause temperatures to spike into a hundred degrees and cause major discomfort. An air conditioner is a machine that’s designed to regulate both the temperature in a room and the humidity, which takes care of two of summer’s worst problems. One particular type of unit, known as the AirwareSales split system air conditioner, works by providing air from a wall-mounted cooling unit or vents in the floor. Nicknamed the “split,” it’s called such since it has both an inside and an outside unit. In this article, we’re going to learn how this baby works.


How a Split Type Air Conditioner Works

The majority of central cooling and heating units are of this type. The reason for the split is that similar to other models (especially window AC units), it keeps the hot air outside and the cool air inside. The condensing coils and compressor are on hold on the outside of the house, while the blower and evaporator coils are on the inside of the house. With that said, here’s how an Airware Sales split system air conditioner works.


  1. Gas, a known refrigerant, is fed and pressurized into the compressor. This process causes heat inside the gas to rise.
  2. The pressurized gas then travels through a succession of tubes that are purposely meant to condense it into liquid.
  3. The liquid is then pressurized and travels through the condenser tubes until they come to the expansion joint.
  4. The pressurized liquid will then pass through this point and convert into a gas again as the pressure rapidly reduces.
  5. During the pressure-reduction phase, the gas also releases a significant amount of heat and becomes much cooler (thus, it transforms into a refrigerant).
  6. The gas then travels back to the compressor and repeats the entire process.
  7. Air from the room is drawn into the unit and into the evaporator coils.
  8. This action will cool the air significantly, which is then forced back into the room through the blower.
  9. The air will continue to circulate through the air conditioning unit until a set temperature (which you set in the thermostat) is reached.
  10. At this point, the apparatus will shut off itself automatically.


As you can see, the operation of an AirwareSales system split air conditioner, as is shown through the points above, is much like that of any other air conditioner. The difference is that one part of the unit is completely contained on the outside part of the home, while another portion is on the inside. For more information about how other types of air conditioners work, check out our blog page.