You may not be aware of it, but there are significant amounts of records pertaining to legal malpractice claims that are charged against lawyers. This includes the frequency, size of the firm, type of law or even the amount of damages that were done.

Article 95 TGB Lawyers Perth 288x300 - Red Flags in Lawyers to AvoidThis data can be helpful to lawyers and law firms in pinpointing areas that they need to work on, as well as adapting to change. We can’t deny that even the best lawyers have some flaws like having a bad habit that is killing their careers. If you’re a lawyer or someone who’s looking for one, make sure you know about the bad habits that lawyers tend to do. Below are two of the most common bad habits that many lawyers do and how they can fix it.

Start Incorporating the Use of a Docketing System

Time is the most essential commodity for TGB Lawyers Perth. With client demands and court deadlines looming, many lawyers often find themselves in the middle of deadlines that they have to deal with at a single time. But when it comes to docketing high-priority deadlines, many attorneys fall short in creating a foolproof scheduling system to prevent these time-related errors. Missing a crucial deadline or failing to meet with the client’s demands are easy targets for malpractice plaintiffs, even where no damage or injury has been done.

To avoid time-related errors, lawyers can re-evaluate their calendar or start using a docket control system. Effective time management system should help with the practice of punctuality and scheduling. So, if you’re a lawyer, make sure you know more about it by clicking this link.

Manage Email Inbox Effectively

Another bad habit that a lot of attorneys do is using their email inbox list as a task list. It’s a bad habit because busy attorneys can inadvertently miss a deadline or an important communication due to delay in processing or reading emails. In addition, leaving emails unattended in an inbox with the goal of getting to them later can potentially create unnecessary risks and headaches later on.

If you’re a lawyer who practices this bad habit, you should handle and folder messages appropriately instead. The staff in TGB Lawyers Perth tend to limit the number of emails that can be kept in the inbox, thereby encouraging attorneys to process emails in a timely fashion.

There are many more inadequacies that a lot of lawyers do. If you want to know other notable bad habits that they do, click this link now and check out our other articles on our blog page.