Orthotics is a specialised medical discipline that focuses on the application and design of orthotics. Simply put, orthotics are “a pair of orthotics, either external or internal, that are used to treat or prevent pain.” In simple terms, orthotics is an external appliance that is used to control pain. With orthotics, it is possible to reduce or eliminate pain and improve range of motion.

Article 67 300x211 - Different Types of Orthotics for Your FootOne of the most common forms of orthotics is custom orthotics designed to be used in specific areas or for a particular function. For example, custom orthotics can be used for arthritic foot conditions, like interbody patellar subluxation (an abnormal movement of the foot in the hip joint), or can be prescribed for individuals with knee deformities. Orthotic appliances vary in their features, including the material made, the number of bones allowed, and the purpose of application.

Custom orthotics can be used for various functions. A custom foot orthotic is designed to take into consideration the patient’s foot structure. Factors such as the size and shape of the foot, the structure of the ankle, and the location of pain and inflammation are taken into account. The purpose of custom orthotics is to correct foot function and provide relief from pain. For instance, arthritic foot conditions can be helped by custom fit orthotics that stabilise the foot and prevent stress fractures from occurring.

TheSAPodiatryClinic Orthotics have been used for years to help individuals suffering from pain, deformities, and discomfort associated with growing feet, aging feet, and flat feet. These orthotics help restore normal foot function and reduce discomfort and pain. For example, custom orthotics can be prescribed to correct deformities such as arthritic change of the foot, corns and calluses, and other foot deformities. In addition, arthritis is often a significant source of pain, disability, and discomfort for individuals. Custom orthotics can help individuals overcome the pain associated with this condition.

Orthotics can also address heel pain. It is especially true for those individuals who are over-pronating their feet or are having excessive pressure put on the balls of their feet. Heel pain can occur due to many reasons, such as flat feet, a weak Achilles tendon, or high arches. Custom orthotics can be prescribed to correct these issues. In addition, custom orthotics can also be used for individuals who suffer from heel pain caused by a stress fracture of the metatarsal bone.

Bunions can be extremely painful, and their presence can significantly limit an individual’s ability to walk or even stand. Many individuals with bunions suffer from severe discomfort and pain while walking, significantly impacting their daily lives. Custom orthotics can be used for individuals who suffer from bunions or for those who want to prevent bunions from occurring in the first place. In addition, custom orthotics can be used for individuals experiencing severe discomfort, pain, or other symptoms related to bunions. For example, if you have severe arthritis causing pain off the centre, orthotics can be used to correct this problem.

Shoe inserts are another way that orthotics can be used to treat foot and lower body discomfort. Shoe inserts are specially moulded to fit each individual’s feet, which are then used to cushion the wearer’s feet against the ground. Custom orthotics are often used to relieve discomfort in the arches of the feet. The arch of your foot is responsible for creating a natural arch when standing. In addition, shoe inserts can be used to correct problems with flat feet and over-pronation, both of which cause pain in the feet and legs.